No New Kinda Story

The Real Story of Tooth & Nail Records
Art Direction, Design & Curation

Tooth & Nail Records was one of the most influential and controversial underground record labels of the 1990s. To pay homage to the label on it’s 20th anniversary, a 350-page photo book was curated and compiled, along with feature length documentary film by Seattle-based creative agency Belief Agency. The full project took nearly five years to complete and the book has recieved various awards, including a Silver Addy Award from the American Advertising Federation.

Words: Ben Bishop
Film: Belief Agency
Print: Oddi, Iceland

The details of the book’s exterior, including the custom red sewn binding and a blind emboss on both the cover and the spine.

The theatrical trailer for the feature-length documentary. 

The film tells both the story of the label’s beginning, as well as the story of the label’s most beloved and important artists through the eyes of band members and friends.