Might As Well Have The Best

After the iconic 117 year old outdoor brand was aquired by Bedrock Manufacturing in 2012, Filson’s aestetic needed to be updated to make room for a new generation of outdoorsmen and women without completely departing from the company’s clunky charm. Working alongside Partners & Spade, as well as Filson’s extensive in house team, every corner of the brand was addressed.

Creative Direction: Partners & Spade, Alex Carleton
Photography: Peter Sutherland
Art Direction: Danny Harmon

Using vintage catalog imagery burried deep in Filson’s history file as a guide, new standard for product photography and brand marks were created and updated across all of the brand’s marketing and retail efforts. From store signage, to merchandise and labeling, and even a limited edition custom Jeep; all of the images and marks from the previous 100+ years had to be updated.