The Seattle-Based Design Office of Jordan Butcher.
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The best solutions are never overcomplicated. In fact, timeless design is easiest to achieve when it isn’t over-thought and instead keeps the primary goal front and center: solving the problem. Going backwards to see what came before is always the best way to inspire the future. The truth is, most problems have already been solved somewhere in time. In other words, “on-trend” design is rarely the right answer. If design is about solving a specific problem, it’s unlikely something “popular” is going to be the best solution. It may fill a need for a time, but it will ultimately need to be revisited (and sooner than you’d like). The world is a fickle place, and Studio Workhorse believes design, like a good leather armchair, should get better with time.

About Jordan

Jordan was born and raised in North-Central Appalachia in the shadow of Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC. Growing up in a place so heavily shaped by working class culture had a profound impact on his aesthetic. It’s a sensibility that’s never too far removed from the center of his work, with a tendency to err on the side of organic, highly-textured imagery with clear, clean typography. It rides a fine line between well worn, and highly polished.

As an Art Director and designer, Jordan is best known for Grammy-nominated album packaging and ADDY Award winning branding work. In the past 15 years he’s worked both in-house and on the agency side and has come to understand the nuance (and the politics) of both. He loves working with legacy brands who are trying to re-establish their name in a new era, as well as helping new brands carve out a place of their own.